Our new landscape

As I sit at our bedroom window, and look out at the garden and the trees beyond, I can’t help but wonder how long the little beauty we have left in Goa will last.
We are cutting hills to make roads and on the other hand creating new mountains with our garbage. As we fell forests, that purify our air, we replace them with industry and other polluting elements. In other words we are doing everything in our capacity to destroy our environment and pollute our atmosphere. Is this the landscape we intended to create for ourselves?
What is the point in discussing about climate change if we are not going to act on it immediately?
What is the point of a so called ‘development’ and ‘infrastructure ‘ if human life ceases to exist? Who will drive on the roads, flyovers and bridges (if they are not submerged in water)? Who will operate the machines and run the industries if humans do not exist? Please don’t blame God. He can make us realise the consequences of committing suicide but can’t stop us from doing so. He has given us the freedom to make our own decisions. We are getting to experience and not just see the effects of reducing forest cover and endangering our flora and fauna. We are experiencing climate change and learning to deal with floods and untimely rains. Yet, our eyes are blinded by greed. Or is it ignorance? Is it our failed education system that does not make basic concepts clear to the masses and fails to teaches us to rationalize our thoughts? Or is it our addiction to fake media that makes us believe that our present needs are all that matters and the future is not ours to see?
Let us open our eyes, before it is too late. Let us not wait for the waters to rise so high that no land is in sight.
Are we happy with this new landscape we have created?
If this is the path we want to continue on then we can rest in peace and not worry about the future of our children and children’s children, as there won’t be any.

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