Experiences and Adventures

Being a mom to 2 lovely kids is a pleasure. Cooking with them can be full of emotions, ranging from joy to frustration (you would be if an egg was smashed or a jar of flour emptied out just on the day that you feel exhausted). Thanks to their appetites and enthusiasm we get to share a lot of memorable moments in the kitchen as we experiment and have fun in the most popular room of our house. Not all experiments are successful, but they are fun for sure. From shaping bread to letting ones imagination run wild with pastry dough or milk chocolate. Even plain simple chapati dough can become a base for interesting creations.

Oh Chapatis!

Oh Chapatis! Oh Chapatis! How round you are!I can eat you in a fraction of an hour. I love it when I dont have to eat … More

Making organic turmeric at home

The rhizome of the turmeric plant is not only a common spice used in Indian cuisine but it’s leaves lend their aroma to some steamed dishes … More

Fun with pizza dough

I was in the mood to try different breads so made a pizza dough and set to work. For the pizza dough I used Jenny Jones … More


I enjoy cooking and inevitably end up eating. This has resulted in me putting on a lot of extra kilos. I started doing Leslie Sanone’s 2mile … More

Birthday cakes

One thing our family does not have to worry about when planning for a birthday party is the cake. My sister bakes the most delicious cakes … More

Catering on demand

“Give them a finger and they’ll take an arm”. This phrase crosses my mind every time I hear my daughter shout out of the car “mama, … More