Learning from Books/ Seminars

Parents as a support

Dr. Kenneth Barish, in his book Pride and Joy, addresses the need for parents to be supportive of their kids. He discusses this in the chapter “What Matters Most- Understanding and Support”. Aren’t support and encouragement  important to all of us? Why else do we turn to support groups or befriend those facing similar situations … More


I completed the 3rd and 4th chapter of Pride and Joy. Both the chapters stress on the need for us to be involved in our children’s lives. The third chapter discusses our role in helping them bounce back from negative events or feelings, making them more optimistic and resilient by helping them understand that every … More

Addressing Emotions in Children with Pride and Joy

Pride and Joy is a must read for all parents. It is a very well written and well researched book based on clinical observations by Dr. Kenneth Barish, a child psychologist and clinical associate professor at Weill Medical College, Cornell University.Parents learn how to raise kids as they go. One is never really prepared for … More

From Good to Great

When my eyes fell on Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” on our bookshelf, I got curious. I remember picking it up to read some months back but could not recall why I left it. This time the title got my mind racing…was the book about ambition? I have often dwelled upon how to raise my … More

Influencing people

One thing I have learnt from all the leadership books I have read is that the only way to get people to follow you or do what you want them to do is to make them want to do it. This pandemic has been tough on parents of school going kids. Getting a child to … More

Simon Sinek’s The infinite game

When I read a book on personality development, I keep thinking of how I can implement the learnings into my life so as to raise my children into better human beings, responsible citizens, trusting and trusted colleagues, caring and respectful individuals who will eventually be great assets to society. You may wonder why I’m not … More

Developing children into Ideal Team Players

Patrick Lencioni’s “Ideal team player” is a fantastic read. If you are responsible for recruiting at your workplace then it is a compulsory read. Thanks to my husband bringing it home I got an opportunity to read and reflect on it. Just because I’m a stay at home full time mom, it does not mean … More

Parenting tips I learnt last month (sept-oct 2020)-III

This post is in continuation to my previous post. In addition to the parenting seminar I spoke about in my last post I also got an opportunity to attend a retreat, by Fr. Michael Payyapilli, that made me aware of the consequences of distant or ill informed parenting. It was scary. To think that, by … More

Parenting tips I learnt last month (sept-oct 2020)-II

This post is in continuation to my previous post on what I learnt from Clinical Psychologist Marietta Rodrigues’ seminar on parenting in the 21st century. Life today is very different from when we were children and we cannot expect the same methods to work. All the same we would not want to compromise on raising … More

Parenting tips I learnt last month (sept-oct 2020)-I

September was a very educational month for me. I was lucky to be able to attend a seminar by Clinical Psychologist Marietta Rodrigues that gave me a lot of information on how to handle children positively and what the consequences of distant or ill informed parenting could be. I want to do the best I … More

The best parenting book of all times!

I was looking for a book that would give me a list of things I need to teach my children. Not skills but values. I chanced upon a detailed encyclopedia… a treasure trove of knowledge. Here are some of the values, teachings and principles listed in the book-I have grouped them into 3 categories, namely; … More

Learning about leadership during lockdown

How can a stay at home mom benefit from Leadership books? Well…..we do want to make our children good leaders of tomorrow. Shouldn’t we, as responsible citizens, and primarily parents, be playing a major role in moulding our kids? We are human beings and not animals to just procreate, feed our offsprings till they can … More