Oh my! What a lovely pairJust see how much they careI had met them at the fairAnd couldn’t stop but stare They had snacks to shareAnd offered me a pearAn orphan with untidy hairAnd hands oh so bare Sarita@mymamamade.in

The Deadly Pink Weapon

Tongue is a sword it slays, it slanders. It kills everything that crosses its path. In self defence it kills, destroys. Anger and hatred lead it to war. It can protect, it can preserve. Only in right hands is it’s strength worth. Sarita@mymamamade.in

Going back to school

When the kids are homeOr on holidayI wonder when I’ll getSome time for myselfTo just rest my headWith nothing to think of When schools are to openThe realisation dawnsMy life is changingOh! What will I do now?Three hours to myselfA long time at a stretch Should I do my shopping?Or meditate instead?Should I write a … More

Valuing trees

It is when the sun shines bright,and the heat drains our energy,that we value the tree in all its Majesty. The ones with the dense canopiesare the ones in demand.Especially if the wait is going to be long. To sit, stand or park ones vehicle,a tree is one that one looks forto provide relief from … More

When I die

When I die I want the world to rejoice,A celebration is my choice. I will be returning home to open doors,A better place with my heavenly father close. Wear colorful clothes and bid me farewell,You will miss me I know, and your tears will tell. But don’t be sad for I’ll be happy there,And be … More


Little butterfly, small and white,Pure and carefree and oh so light.I wonder at times if you are free,Or just as lost as I sometimes seem to be.At times you seem to fly aimlessly,A reflection of my state of mind occasionally.When troubles come and I wonder how I’ll cope,The story of your birth gives me hope.Your … More

Drumstick tree – superfood

Drought resistant Moringa Oleifera tree,  You belong to the Indian Moringaceae family. We prepare meals with your flowers and leaves,  While your fruit lends charm to our curries. You may tower over other plants like a lark, But can come crashing down coz of the same bark. In times of drought you show your strength,  When wind … More

An afternoon at the ground

As the afternoon sun shone bright,the kids held one another’s hands tight.They walked along the semi shaded pathway,knowing that the futsal would make their day.Basking in the afternoon suntheir eyes twinkled looking forward to the fun.While I faded out of sight,they moved forward towards the light.I found a shaded path,lest I end up in a … More

Oh Chapatis!

Oh Chapatis! Oh Chapatis! How round you are!I can eat you in a fraction of an hour. I love it when I dont have to eat my veggies,Mama tells Papa that they are in your bellies. Oh Chapatis! Oh Chapatis! How orange you are today!I heard that carrot is the veg of the day. I … More


Fan, Oh fan! How you spin around!It is best when you make no sound. As I returned from the hot sun with a tan,all I could think of was of you my fan. Now all I need is a nice cool drink,as I sit with my book and pen and think. As my pen glides … More

All they want is love

His father was leaving on work and he missed him.His face saddened and his eyes filled to the brim. As the tears rolled down his cheeks,they washed away the dirt that looked as if collected for weeks. Playing in the mud free as can be,gave him more pleasure than schools with a fee. As the … More

Mama and Papa

Mama and Papa, they are our parents,We don’t want from them any presents.All we want from them is love,Like we get from our father above.Time to spend with us in play,To make this the most wonderful day.To hold us tight and listen to us say,All that happened in our lives today.Mama and Papa, the ones … More


A passion I followedRight from my childhoodThat never failed to brighten my mood


Laughter is the best medicine they say,A little of it will make your day. Unless used to mock and tease,Great joy it brings to all with ease. How it changes the atmosphere!To all to witness who are near. Every laugh giggle or smile,Resonates all around for miles Sarita @ mymamamade.in


A gift from God is familyTo love us unconditionally They have no hidden agendaIn our weakness strength they are Supporting us in all we doPicking us from our failures too True peace they bring to usKnowing how much they love us Sarita @ mymamamade.in

My Love

I wondered if I would ever find love,as I set my eyes on a pair of turtle dove. Then he came along in a borrowed A-star.It did not matter that he had no car. Week after week he called me to meetand eventually swept me off my feet. The decision was easy for his heart … More

Love one another as I have loved you

When you say ‘love one another as I have loved you’,do you mean give my life for others and carry a cross like you too? I want to do so, but fear grips me…I have seen many follow with crosses heavy. Can I give myself so totally so as to die like Stan Swamy? Can … More

God loves us…a poem about hope

God loves us, we all knowYet in His love we don’t seem to grow He gave us all things beautifulYet we are so ungrateful Destroying all things including forests denseBlaming Him for the consequence Blind we are for we cannot seeWhy can’t we let nature be? Why do we destroy nature’s best?And when disaster strikes … More


My husband and I penned down this poem as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. As Christmas comes along we can get so caught up in making our homes and work places look festive and get so involved in making delicious Christmas goodies that we could loose track of what we are actually … More