Teaching Aids

Introducing numbers to an animal loving toddler

What does one do if only animals fascinate a child? Well…try teaching other concepts and relating them to animals. This can be done with other interests too. The books that grab my son’s attention are those with animals. Dear Zoo and Where’s Spot being his favorites. He loves his big sisters school picture dictionaries. But … More

Teaching the alphabet

My daughter has started learning to write the alphabet in lower case. Since she was taught upper case she has a tendency to opt for it first, without attempting lower case. This made me work on reading cards so as to make lower case attractive and easy to remember. Present the card to the child … More

Animals and their homes

My kids picture books are full of animals but did not have their homes. So I decided to make cards that she could match. Initially I showed her the animal card with its respective home and then gave them to her to match. One can ask questions like “Who lives on trees?” – Owl, bird … More

Homeschooling a pre-schooler

Homeschooling can be fun and stressful. Fun, mainly because one has a lot of freedom. One can also try various teaching methods and models and see what works best for your child. It can be stressful for parents like me who are not sure how much and in what way things, as basic as numbers … More

Numbers for preschoolers

Making writing numbers interesting is quite easy. Since my daughter loves to draw and colour I made these number worksheets for her to revise her numbers and keep her engaged for some time. I made her a part of the process of preparing the sheets. We sat together with her school as well as story … More