Why a blog?

Hi! I’m Sarita, a loving homemaker, an enthusiastic cook and an artist looking for ways to express my creative self. I started this blog without much initial thought. Then a couple of days later, in response to my request for feedback my cousin Christabel asked me what my goals were with this blog. It got me thinking. I began to reflect back as sometimes we just go with the flow and don’t stop to think “Why?”.

I love to cook and make things at home. I used to share successful recipes and pictures of my handmade items with family and friends, especially those who I knew would either benefit (mothers of tiny tots) or appreciate.

Then one day, while sharing a successful recipe with multiple people, the idea of a blog struck me. I immediately asked Nikhil, my computer engineer brother, if he would help me .

Well! He not only agreed but immediately got started on it. We finalized the name and in a matter of a couple of hours I was online.

I then started working on my recipes and adding my personal touch to them.Since my interests are not restricted to Cooking I decided to make this a platform to share with others my little creations ranging from dishes to furniture to accessories to anything creative to reach to make. There are a lot of things mothers like me, who want to stay home to raise their kids, can do from home.

There was a time when I used to feel guilty that I was not contributing towards our household expenses but my husband kept telling me that I saved a lot by just cooking for the family (It is easier to provide variety for your own family as you understand their taste buds better) and saving on paying for a cook, making furniture and Christmas decorations at home with minimal material cost, by looking after my kids myself thus saving on employing a nanny and later saving on tuition expenses.

I would be very happy if I could change the way some “stay at home moms” still look at their situation as a sacrifice, rather than an opportunity to explore their creative side (we do not need to suppress our hobbies and talents) while raising their kids into wonderful well balanced individuals.


Oh my! What a lovely pairJust see how much they careI had met them at the fairAnd couldn’t stop but stare They had snacks to shareAnd offered me a pearAn orphan with untidy hairAnd hands oh so bare Sarita@mymamamade.in

The Deadly Pink Weapon

Tongue is a sword it slays, it slanders. It kills everything that crosses its path. In self defence it kills, destroys. Anger and hatred lead it to war. It can protect, it can preserve. Only in right hands is it’s strength worth. Sarita@mymamamade.in

Going back to school

When the kids are homeOr on holidayI wonder when I’ll getSome time for myselfTo just rest my headWith nothing to think of When schools are to openThe realisation dawnsMy life is changingOh! What will I do now?Three hours to myselfA long time at a stretch Should I do my shopping?Or meditate instead?Should I write a … More

Chicken cheese balls

Ingredients: 500g chicken mince 2 tsp onion powder 1.5 tbsp ginger garlic paste 2 heaped tbsp curd 1 tbsp breadcrumbs Salt to taste (1 tsp works for me) 1 tsp red chilli powder or flakes ½ tsp pepper powder 1 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp jeera powder 2 tbsp coriander leaves (finely chopped)   ¼ tsp … More

Valuing trees

It is when the sun shines bright,and the heat drains our energy,that we value the tree in all its Majesty. The ones with the dense canopiesare the ones in demand.Especially if the wait is going to be long. To sit, stand or park ones vehicle,a tree is one that one looks forto provide relief from … More


As I recall our childhood summer holidays I hope our kids get to enjoy theirs as much as we did.  The berry bushes in the dense green foliage on the hillocks may now be replaced by concrete buildings and tarred roads but there is still a little forest cover left. The predominantly pedestrian village roads, … More

Why do some see kids as a setback?

I agree that having children inevitably implies that we may have to make some major changes to our lives. But, aren’t changes what brought us to where we are today? Change need not be negative.  We, as a family, are enjoying life. Others need not find our life as colourful as theirs and vice-versa.  I … More

The perfect world of social media

Social media often paints the most perfect picture of the world.We go online to share our accomplishments, fun times, beautiful perfect happy family pictures, selfies on days we look exceptionally beautiful and happy pics with friends. If it is work related then it will only be work we are very proud of.The pictures of our … More


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