Life of a Stay At Home Mom

The perfect world of social media

Social media often paints the most perfect picture of the world.We go online to share our accomplishments, fun times, beautiful perfect happy family pictures, selfies on days we look exceptionally beautiful and happy pics with friends. If it is work related then it will only be work we are very proud of.The pictures of our … More

The source of true joy

Is it money, luxury and comfort? Or love, smiles and a warm embrace?What is it that brings true joy? Material things may give us satisfaction.But if we have no one to share it with, then we only get unhappiness and insecurities. On the other hand positive emotions without material comfort,do not loose their ability to … More

The beach post sunset

As the sun set, the crowd at the beach cleared out. But there are still quite a few people enjoying themselves. Some, like us, are making an entry. Most might have come for the sunset but do not seem in a hurry to leave. Watching people engage in different activities, in spite of being in … More

An afternoon at the ground

As the afternoon sun shone bright,the kids held one another’s hands tight.They walked along the semi shaded pathway,knowing that the futsal would make their day.Basking in the afternoon suntheir eyes twinkled looking forward to the fun.While I faded out of sight,they moved forward towards the light.I found a shaded path,lest I end up in a … More

Neighbours- a blessing

The neighbours we see in TV shows and movies are inquisitive and busy moral policing. But in reality (my reality) they come to your aid in times of need and want you to join in their celebrations.Be it coming to my aid when I needed a hand at home, or assisting in babysitting when I … More

Decluttering and striving for a perfect home

How many of you wonder how your house seems to be overfull? I do. That too very often. I used to hold back on giving away things as I did not want them to end up in the landfill. Knowing they will find a better home where they will be appreciated makes it much much easier.
Every decision we make, every lifestyle change we adopt affects our children.

The meaning of Christmas

As December approaches, the atmosphere changes. We look forward to “the holidays”…the season of sweets and Christmas carols. We need to remind ourselves that Christmas is because of Christ. I used to wish loved ones “compliments of the season” if I met them after the 25thof Dec. Things changed once I understood that Christmas is … More

Art to de-stress

I found this sketch I had done while I was preparing for my board exams. It brought back good memories. Luckily for my parents, their children did not need to be told to study. I used to get pretty stressed and my mom, the fantastic mother that she was (and is), helped me divert all … More

A call to love

I’m sure all religions, like Christianity, call their followers to love. When we think of love we tend to think of our family and friends. In the Bible it says that we cannot say we love God if we hate our brother/neighbour. It makes sense. Can I say I truly love my parents if I … More


 This pandemic has made us all more sensitive towards those less fortunate than us. Many of us doled out money generously, when needed, to those who found themselves in severe financial difficulties.  There are many people who are struggling to find new sources of income as they have lost their well paying jobs. Can we … More

Am I a happy stay at home mom (SAHM)?

I’m happy to say yes. But that does not mean that I do not have my fair share of lows. Of late I am much happier. I no longer miss the fun times at my workplace and the me-time it gave me. I do cherish all those memories but do not wish I could relive … More

Recession – pray for job security or prepare for job loss?

These are trying times. Many are already out of work. It is easy to say ’employers should pay their employees their full salary.’, but from where will they get the money? The lucky ones who are still holding onto their jobs are clinging onto slippery strings. Should we then mentally and financially prepare ourselves for … More

Office and home- 2 places or 1?

They say, “leave your work in office and your family problems at home”, “don’t mix your professional and personal lives.” Are we machines to switch modes? When our spouses are mentally preoccupied at home we get upset and tell them to leave their work problems at their workplace but when we or the children are … More