Mymamamade – the Vision

After almost a year into writing my blog I came across Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game. The book made me relook at my vision for my blog. I realised that my earlier home page was more of an “About Me” page that did not really define my vision for my blog. A clear infinite vision with a just cause will not only make my blog meaningful and worth reading but also give me a clear direction.

Vision – Making growing up fun and healthy for children and their parents and parenting easy, meaningful and affordable.

When I talk about growth, I’m referring to all round development. That is, Mental/ Psychological, Emotional, Social, Spiritual and Physical. In my opinion, all are equally important for us to grow into healthy adults and be able to contribute positively to society.

My blog is broadly categorised into Recipes (physical growth) where I share some of my families favourites, Family Life (Psychological, Emotional, Social, Spiritual) that discusses a lot of my experiences with parenting, Teaching Aids (making learning easier and fun) to teach pre-schoolers and Handmade With Love (what keeps me sane) where I have shared some of the DIYs and recycled stuff that I have made at home.

You will find a search bar at the bottom of my blog that will help you navigate through.

If you want to know a little more about me then check out posts on my blog then follow this link( Why a blog?.)