The pandemic in 2020 made me realize the importance of growing our own organic vegetables. We only had flowering plants, a curry patta tree and a mango tree. Gradually we have gone from planting kitchen scraps to planting purchased cuttings and seeds and successfully managed to grow tomatoes, amaranth, spinach and a lot more. We hope to grow our onions, potatoes and carrots some day.

Feb- Mid-March 2022 Kitchen Garden

We set up a composting bin. And over the last 2 months got a lot of compost tea and compost that help nourish our plants. The compost tea in the image is the last batch. We had already extracted the compost tea from the tap all through the last month wherein the bin was untouched. … More

Garden additions and progress -Jan 2022

It was a fun month in our garden. We converted a lot of waste and unused things in the house to useful items in our garden. We also got to eat a tomato and 2 strawberries from our garden. The tomato was lovely and we are looking forward to eating 7 more that have not … More

Making organic turmeric at home

The rhizome of the turmeric plant is not only a common spice used in Indian cuisine but it’s leaves lend their aroma to some steamed dishes as well. In Goa the leaves are used to make Patoleo, a sweetened coconut mixture coated with a thin layer of rice having a slight aroma of turmeric leaves. … More

Garden additions and progress- Nov 2021

I bought 4 strawberry saplings at the end of October but 3 did not survive even for a week. I still do not know why. One survived and within a month started flowering. It still does not look too healthy but we have 2 strawberries growing. I also attempted planting some garlic cloves that sprouted. … More