Art and Craft

The meaning of Christmas

As December approaches, the atmosphere changes. We look forward to “the holidays”…the season of sweets and Christmas carols. We need to remind ourselves that Christmas is because of Christ. I used to wish loved ones “compliments of the season” if I met them after the 25thof Dec. Things changed once I understood that Christmas is … More

Art to de-stress

I found this sketch I had done while I was preparing for my board exams. It brought back good memories. Luckily for my parents, their children did not need to be told to study. I used to get pretty stressed and my mom, the fantastic mother that she was (and is), helped me divert all … More

Christmas 2020 preparations

Making Christmassy lanterns in red green and white has been a messy yet fun activity. It was a nice way to teach the kids how a little effort and patience can transform common things like fevicol and wool into extraordinary ones like these beautiful lanterns. I make them on our terrace to avoid spreading the … More

Making earrings with beads

When my daughter was around 2 years I started making earrings out of beads, paper, thread, seeds and anything that caught my interest, so as to engage my creative self. Here are some of the earrings I have made.

Bird watching with kids

My children love nature. Animals and birds make their day. Lucky for us, we have a lovely vacant plot (until the owners find a buyer) behind our house that attracts a lot of birds, animals and butterflies. Occasionally we even spot peacocks. Pigs, buffaloes, dogs and cats are regulars. Last week the kids enjoyed watching … More

Cardboard laptop
Cardboard Puzzle
Pencil sketch
pencil colour kingfisher
pencil sketch – flowers
pencil colour birds
Pencil colour – Great Indian Bustard
Pencil colour – Insects

wheat flour caterpillar
My 5yr old’s art
5yr old’s art
water colour forest
water colour pencil tigress and cub