Kitchen stories

As a child my hobbies of cooking, drawing and craft complimented my shy nature very well. I would sit by myself and draw for hours. During parties I would be in the kitchen helping assemble starters and plate the dishes.

Watching my mother and aunt cook passionately developed a strong love for cooking in me. In school I got an opportunity to join the cookery club where I was exposed to more Indian dishes. My aunt’s forte is Goan cuisine while my mom was more of an adventurist, constantly experimenting with snacks and main courses.

Having 4 children and an encouraging husband helped her venture into her food laboratory fearlessly. My brother Nikhil and cousin Austin were two of my favorite mouths to feed.

An architect and urban designer by profession, I gave up my job to bring up my 2 lovely kids. This gave me more time to pursue my passion for cooking. My foodie husband constantly encourages me to master my old recipes as well as try new ones. Whenever I found a successful recipe I would share with my sisters-in-law and my sisters. This made me document my recipes that I would like to share with other food lovers like me.

Chocolaty almond peanut butter

1/4 cup almonds 1/2 cup Peanuts 25g chocolate of your choice (I used 70% dark chocolate and added 1tbsp of jaggery powder) Jaggery powder/sugar to taste (optional) Salt to taste (optional, I skipped it) Method: Roast the almonds and peanuts on slow flame till the peanuts are done (brown and not black). Transfer onto a … More


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