Handmade with Love

My love for art and craft has been with me since childhood, after-all it is God’s gift. But the formal architectural training I received in the Goa College of Architecture exposed me to the necessary tools and techniques required to convert my 2D imagination to 3D.

Making things out of waste attracted my creative side once I returned to Goa post my Masters in UD. It started off with me noticing garbage dumps in and around my neighbourhood. I began to hesitate to throw things out and started looking at almost all non-biodegradable waste as potential wealth.

My fascination with waste reached such an extent that our office help would show me the bin, before emptying it out, just in case I wanted something.

That craze faded off a bit as work pressure increased in office and I got less time at home.

In 2 years time I got married to a gem of a guy, who allowed me to shift 2 big boxes(that my mother would have called “junk”)  into our new home.

In my posts I will share some of the things I have made in the past.

Feb- Mid-March 2022 Kitchen Garden

We set up a composting bin. And over the last 2 months got a lot of compost tea and compost that help nourish our plants. The compost tea in the image is the last batch. We had already extracted the compost tea from the … More

Garden additions and progress -Jan 2022

It was a fun month in our garden. We converted a lot of waste and unused things in the house to useful items in our garden. We also got to eat a tomato and 2 strawberries from our garden. The tomato was lovely and … More

Making organic turmeric at home

The rhizome of the turmeric plant is not only a common spice used in Indian cuisine but it’s leaves lend their aroma to some steamed dishes as well. In Goa the leaves are used to make Patoleo, a sweetened coconut mixture coated with a … More

Newspaper coasters

Making coasters out of newspapers was a highly satisfying activity albeit time consuming. I applied a coat of wood coat to protect it from spills. Making them was lot of fun. It is just newspaper, cut into smaller rectangles and given the fan fold. … More

Garden additions and progress- Nov 2021

I bought 4 strawberry saplings at the end of October but 3 did not survive even for a week. I still do not know why. One survived and within a month started flowering. It still does not look too healthy but we have 2 … More

The meaning of Christmas

As December approaches, the atmosphere changes. We look forward to “the holidays”…the season of sweets and Christmas carols. We need to remind ourselves that Christmas is because of Christ. I used to wish loved ones “compliments of the season” if I met them after … More

Art to de-stress

I found this sketch I had done while I was preparing for my board exams. It brought back good memories. Luckily for my parents, their children did not need to be told to study. I used to get pretty stressed and my mom, the … More

Recycling crayons

When you have young children you inevitably end up with lots of discarded crayon bits. Do not make the mistake of chucking them into the bin. They can be converted to useful crayons. I collected some from a playschool near my workplace. Just melt … More

Working towards a zero waste home

Landfills are increasing by the day and with it our responsibility to control our waste generation. To reduce our waste we first listed down what we throw out. Then we thought of ways to reuse, recycle or even stop generating them. Diapers- switch to … More

Homemade soaps and detergent

As I mentioned in my post “Simon Sinek’s The infinite game” , Influenced by Sinek, we started composting and making bioenzyme from citrus peels. As we got more and more into trying to save our planet we learnt about soap nut and made our … More

Christmas 2020 preparations

Making Christmassy lanterns in red green and white has been a messy yet fun activity. It was a nice way to teach the kids how a little effort and patience can transform common things like fevicol and wool into extraordinary ones like these beautiful … More

Making earrings with beads

When my daughter was around 2 years I started making earrings out of beads, paper, thread, seeds and anything that caught my interest, so as to engage my creative self. Here are some of the earrings I have made.

Bird watching with kids

My children love nature. Animals and birds make their day. Lucky for us, we have a lovely vacant plot (until the owners find a buyer) behind our house that attracts a lot of birds, animals and butterflies. Occasionally we even spot peacocks. Pigs, buffaloes, … More

Christmas with kids

As the Christmas season comes near, we start making a list of things to do. Other than preparing ourselves spiritually, which is the most important part, we prepare sweets, decorate our houses, get new stuff for our wardrobe, put up our Christmas tree and … More