Valuing trees

It is when the sun shines bright,
and the heat drains our energy,
that we value the tree in all its Majesty.

The ones with the dense canopies
are the ones in demand.
Especially if the wait is going to be long.

To sit, stand or park ones vehicle,
a tree is one that one looks for
to provide relief from the scorching sun.

As the sun gets overshadowed by clouds,
the demand for the tree only increases.
But this time it is to shield from the rain.

We need to start planting more trees.
And even more preserve existing ones,
if we intend to enjoy a cool planet.

At the present rate of deforestation,
every passing year is going to worsen.
We need our trees to purify our air.

Their roots are what prevents soil erosion,
and increases the groundwater level.
Our trees protect our ozone layer.

The air pollution levels is affecting climate
and erratic weather is affecting agriculture.
With untimely rains, floods and storms.

Farming is now a challenging profession,
for the smart and resilient to embark on.
Our source of food is now at stake.

Reduce, reuse, recycle in the same order
Is the guide to follow in everything we do
To help us reduce our carbon footprint.

So let us do our little bit to save our planet.
No matter what those around us do.
Others will eventually follow suit.

Don’t get discouraged and join the crowd
Knowing you are with Mother Earth
Will give her the strength to endure.

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