The perfect world of social media

Social media often paints the most perfect picture of the world.
We go online to share our accomplishments, fun times, beautiful perfect happy family pictures, selfies on days we look exceptionally beautiful and happy pics with friends. If it is work related then it will only be work we are very proud of.
The pictures of our work spaces and homes will be perfect for interior design magazines. But one must remember that a house that is lived in by free individuals is most likely not going to stay ‘picture perfect’.
It is never a complete picture that is showcased on social media.
So don’t compare your life to others. Each of us is on a unique journey. We can encourage each other but can’t and should not try to live each other’s lives.
Don’t compare your relationship with the pretty pictures that make marriage look like a lifelong honeymoon. Only the part that is ‘insta worthy’ is shared. Why would one share their personal journey with the world? Yes, we love to share our happiness but we tend to keep sorrow personal. We will share our accomplishments but may hold back on the challenges and struggles that helped us reach there.
All our successful achievements are part of a journey of struggle.
Enjoy life as it is – perfectly imperfect.
If you feel that only you have disagreements with your spouse, then look at your other relationships. Pick the person you cannot imagine life without. Was/ is everything always perfect?
We disagree (or should I say ‘differ in opinion’?) because each one of us is unique and that makes us all special.
Life would be boring if everyone thought like us. Our spouses spice up our lives. My life would be pretty dull if my gifted husband did not arouse all sorts of emotions in me. From joy and excitement to frustration and irritation, they all make my life exciting. Luckily the negative emotions are pretty short lived, thanks to communication. Good healthy communication can help resolve misunderstandings that would unnecessarily strain our relationship. Couples usually look out for each other. But at times, even though our intentions are good, we end up hurting each other. It is thus important to verbally clarify our intention before things get out of hand. Never think that you are doing a noble deed by overlooking a hurt and forgiving the person. It just piles up and may someday overflow. It was most likely unintentional.
All the emotions and relationships can not be shared through pictures on social media. So don’t ever give up on your relationship hoping for a better one like that of x or y. You don’t really know how their relationship is?
Man is a social being and we all love to interact and share our thoughts. The pandemic has encouraged us to do so on social media.
I am not going to fill my blog page with pictures of vegetables that are eaten up by rodents, insects and monkeys. Or share pics of sketches that I’m not happy with.
What we find on social media is only what is worth sharing. Only what is ‘insta-worthy’.
So don’t compare your life and your relationships to others as each of our circumstances are different, situations we are in are different, interests and talents differ, …..our journey is unique. Enjoy it the way it is- a roller coaster ride.

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