God loves us…a poem about hope

God loves us, we all know
Yet in His love we don’t seem to grow

He gave us all things beautiful
Yet we are so ungrateful

Destroying all things including forests dense
Blaming Him for the consequence

Blind we are for we cannot see
Why can’t we let nature be?

Why do we destroy nature’s best?
And when disaster strikes put God to the test?

We constantly fight for our right
Freedom we crave and are ready to fight

What about the freedom to choose good over bad?
Why the wrong choice we make and get mad?

Trusting us, the right choice to make,
was giving us freedom His only mistake?

Open your eyes and you will see
What He has in store for thee

Love love and only love
With forgiveness that comes from above

His only son to us He sent
Would save us He was confident

Repent we must and not lose hope
Change our way, God will help us cope.

As long as we have the will to change
Evil we can with love interchange.

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