Recession – pray for job security or prepare for job loss?

These are trying times. Many are already out of work. It is easy to say ’employers should pay their employees their full salary.’, but from where will they get the money?

The lucky ones who are still holding onto their jobs are clinging onto slippery strings. Should we then mentally and financially prepare ourselves for the worst?

Have faith. Everything will work out fine. He will turn everything in our favour.

But no harm using this time to equip oneself with skills that could come in handy incase our present source of income fades away or disappears all together. Our growth could be the positive aspect of this situation we find ourselves in.

Many of us are experimenting in our kitchens and many have already made it a source of income. Some are working on their hobbies of gardening, carpentry, art and craft, baking, tailoring, etc. & even trying to make a living through it. Thus organic produce, hand crafted goods and homemade meals and treats are readily available.

Since we now need to learn to live with the virus, workplaces are evolving to cater to the flexibility of working from home. E-learning and remote online virtual learning spaces are in demand.

There is going to be a major increase in jobs in digital technologies, automation, health care and skill development sectors.

Every cloud has a silver lining- all we need to do is stop concentrating on the dark centre and let the glow brighten our lives. From finding time for our hobbies we have reached a point where we need to find more hobbies to utilise our time constructively. All those who were so caught up in daily tasks at work are getting time to brush up on research and training to improve their performance. So, enjoy this time as it will not last long. Stay home, stay safe and stay sharp (sharpen your mind, skill and performance).

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